Welcome to ConnecTeD Foundation

Welcome to the ConnecTeD Foundation Website. Here, you too can become a friend of the Connective Tissue Dysplasia Clinic at The Sydney Children's Hospital Network (Westmead) and give a child a chance for a much brighter future! 

Who is ConnecTeD?

ConnecTeD Foundation is primarily a fundraising and support group for all types and forms of connective tissue disorders.

ConnecTeD Foundation's prime focus is to support the kids, the grown ups and the families of persons with connective tissue disorders. All of us at ConnecTeD have been affected in one way or another by a connective tissue disorder and understand how emotionally and physically challenging having one of these rare and complex conditions can be.

Our other primary focus is to raise much needed funds to support the Connective Tissue Dysplasia (CTD) Clinic at Westmead. The clinic is a "one of a kind" clinic that has been tirelessly responding to the needs of children suffering from over 600 connective tissue dysplasia disorders for the past 27 years. Still today, they continue to prolong and change lives…

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AGM 2016 notice

When: 9th November 2016
When: 7pm
Where: Level 1 Meeting Room, Sydney Children's Hospital Network (Westmead Campus)

All welcome. Please arrive by 6.45pm. Please note, Executive board positions require a minimum of 2 years served on the board. To vote at the AGM, you must hold financial membership with ConnecTeD Foundation by 6.30pm on the 9th of November 2016.

For further information please contact info@connectedfoundation.org.au